Siberian Industrial Fair

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October 18 - 21, 2011

ITE Siberian Fair, Novosibirsk, Russia

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Siberian Industrial Fair-2011

Since the autumn of 2010 SIF and SIBSTROYEXPO will be held concurrently. Joining two brands together for creation of the unique platform the market gets the exhibition that meets the industry demands to the maximum.
Both exhibitions, SIF and SIBSTROYEXPO, reflect the situation at the construction market of Russia in its all sectors: from new developments in engineering services to presentations of new materials and equipment for construction.
We are sure that this decision will benefit both exhibitors who will get more targeted audience and visitors who will be able to see the key aspects of all industry sectors in one place at one time.

Increasing demand for electrical and power engineering products enables the region to penetrate new domestic market segments as well as export to Asian countries: China, India and others. The mission of Industrial Forum "Siberian Industrial Fair" is to support Russian manufacturer, facilitate development of energy complex and electrical engineering industry. During the exhibition, participants will have possibility to demonstrate the latest competitive technologies:  25 % of companies will show new products, 22 % will show innovation projects and programs.

Exhibitors` comments:

"CITEL” representative office in Moscow – Shamil Gazizullin:

CITEL is a French company; I am its director in Russia and CIS countries. We are taking part in this exhibition in the first place to “show ourselves” that is to present the company to Siberian market, in the second place to “look at others” – to get acquainted with the region, to “feel the market”, to test demand for our products – electrical equipment for impulse voltage protection - here and now! Our equipment is a technologically intensive product. Therefore for market analysis all the details are of importance – who visits the stand, what questions are asked, what details are interested in. I would like to mention quite large number of visitors, especially since the second day of the exhibition work. Undoubtedly, it positively pictures the exhibition. That is the first time we take part in “SIF” exhibition, feelings are good. We are planning to be exhibitors of the next year show.

“Sverdlovsk Plant of Current Transformers” - Yuri Kalinin:

Taking part in “SIF” exhibition we don`t pursue the aims of new clients attraction. Participation in this exhibition is mainly image action for us. Our plant has been the acknowledged leader for a long time in the sphere of current and voltage transformers production with a certain list of clients – we have been working in the sphere over 60 years!
To keep the image, to present new developments to our dealers - for them to be able to introduce new products at the market in a shorter period of time – these are the goals of our company participation. And these goals have been undoubtedly achieved.

“SIBKABEL”, Tomsk:

It is not the first time we take part in this exhibition. Once again I would like to mark it`s rather high efficiency. We do always manage to find new clients or at least to strengthen relations with the regular ones. I would like to mention that lately we have almost withdrawn our participation in other regional exhibitions. But it doesn`t relate to “SIF” exhibition of “ITE Siberian Fair”. We are also going to take part in this exhibition in the future.